Great abstract work in progress by Matt Booth.

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“Naming, Branding, Packaging and interior design for m_lab store. Mesoestetic shop and personalized product line.”

Nice, sterile and very Swiss. Love this branding by Espluga & Associates.

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I stumbled across the work of Benoit Berger a month or two back now. I’ve neglected blogging recently and meant to put this up when I found it.

The quality of his work & portfolio is outstanding - every piece of work is different and interesting in its own way. With this example I love how simple the foldout is; the giant word scale emphasizes exactly that - the scale of the word compared to everything is. I’m unsure of the printing method he has used for the word scale but I love the silky, gritty look it has as shown in the close ups.

Make sure you check his work portfolio here -

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Lovely new typeface “Paris” created by Moshik Nadav. The ampersand is outstanding and unique and I love the swirls on the j!

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I always find describing what I do and what interests me to people quite a difficult thing. There’s no one defined way of describing graphic design as a practice, other than pretty much ‘everything.’
When I saw this in HMV a few weeks ago however I knew I’d stumbled across one of those pieces you can just relate to — everything about this is what I like about graphic design; the colours, the geometric shapes, the composition, the typography, the photography - everything!

You can read more about the process behind the design over on the September Industry blog where I also got these images from (which are also slick, like everything on the SI blog). Also check out the designers of the CD package - Give Up Art.

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